Psak 47 gf3 problems


I have always considered myself to be an AR guy.

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I have built and own multiple ARs. I have shot, carried, and trained with ARs for years. The very first rifle I ever bought was not an AR. No, it was a Norinco MAK Yep…it was pre-ban.

See picture below. It was very well made and pretty accurate, especially for an AK variant. I had that rifle for several years. Unfortunately during a time in my life where money got a bit tight, I sold it. Oh how I wish I still had it! Anyway, as I became more and more enthused with firearms, I found myself being drawn to the AR for multiple reasons. And to some extent, AKs were really an after thought for me.

PSA GF3 2000 Rounds Update

I thought this would be a great time to brush up my knowledge and experience with an AK. A few weeks later, an American made AK arrived for me to test out. I asked for this AK for a few reasons. Many preppers are on a tight budget and are always on the lookout for affordable gear and equipment. So I enjoy finding affordable firearms that are still dependable and well made. This AK chambered in 7. The receiver is 1mm hardened steel which has been stamped.

The furniture is polymer Magpul. I know there will be a few AK purists that will say that it should have wood furniture.

The Cadillac of AKs: Palmetto State Armory’s PSAK-47

Hey, I like Magpul. What can I say? I am an AR guy.Having an account with OpticsPlanet. The mount would not tighten to side plate rail. If the rail on the rifle isn't Here's what you do to make it fit. You get a pair of vice grips, a rag, and a Philips screwdriver. Tighten the screw all the way until you can't turn it anymore, but don't strip the screw. Make sure the lever is to the rear of the mount. Next place the rag between the vice grips and mount near the center where the screw is. Compress the mount little by little with the vice grips and tighten the screw as you go.

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Small increments until the rail is rough going on the rifle. Then back out the screw just a little and make sure it slides out without any resistance. Now put the mount on and move the lever to the front of the rifle. It should latch on tight enough now to stay put. It is dual sided dove tail. The gf3 has upper side dove tail and bottom is 90 degree angle.

This mount is too wide.

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If you cannot enable JavaScript or you are having technical difficulties, please contact us — we are always here to help! Please Enable Your Browser's Cookies Functionality Cookies are not currently enabled in your browser, and due to this the functionality of our site will be severely restricted. Web browser based cookies allow us to customize our site for you, save items in your cart, and provide you with a great experience when shopping OpticsPlanet.I just recieved my GF3 and unfortunately I am unable to put any muzzle device on it due to the threads being to fat apparently… Did you encounter this issue with yours or have heard about this?

Hey Rob.

psak 47 gf3 problems

I bought the RS regulate mount right away. Thanks for any help! Just picked one of these up. Can I buy the brake and simply swap it out with my standard slant brake, no shim or washer needed? Thanks for the help friend! Is the Galil worth the extra cash double the price? Galil ACE is like Cadillac man. So you have Cady vs Chevy situation on hands. Picked up a gf3 recently and I wanted to get the optic combo from you guys listed above but am unsure what is considered an early gf3.

Mine is ser akxx. Does anyone know what mount I can use for sure? When did psa change rail specs. I lost fire pin retaining pin, the tooth pick really works for quick fix- any suggestions on a specific permanent replacement?

Will you get replacement parts or repair kits in stock? Having trouble finding any information about a change in specs on this. Thanks in advance. I am looking into buying a mount for my new psa gf3. It was shortly after you did your final test on the gf3. Do you have any updated information on what mount I should use for it? Thank you so much for your input.The plethora of barrel lengths, stock options, accessory rails, variegated magazines and many-splendored widgets make the modern black rifle the functional equivalent of Legos for gun nerds.

The modular nature of the design also lends itself to tinkering. With the investment of a few inexpensive tools, most any three-thumbed ape can bodge together one of these magnificent little rifles on his dining room table. I have personally built more than 25 over the years. While the classic AR brings with it many laudable features, the platform is objectively not as reliable as its unwashed cousin from the Russian steppe.

If the AR is a sewing machine, then the AK is a garden hoe. It has also been a bit tougher to build from scratch than its elegant Western counterpart. Fitting an AK barrel to its trunnion requires a decent shop press. Mounting the trunnion to the receiver mandates the capacity to set rivets.

psak 47 gf3 problems

I have personally built a few of these guns by hand, but it is tedious, frustrating and time consuming. Additionally, at the end of the day, hand-built AK rifles never look quite as professional as the factory-made sort.

Each and every part is built here at home, and PSA does all the heavy. The receiver is a serialized component that must be transferred through an FFL dealer, but the kit is at least as plug-and-play as an AR counterpart. The basic PSA build kit orbits around a stamped-sheet-steel receiver into which the barrel has already been installed and headspaced.

Palmetto State Armory’s PSAK-47 Kit Makes AK Building a Breeze

The receiver rails are already professionally welded as well. The entire assembly is finished in an attractive bake-on black finish. The gas block and front sight base are professionally installed as are the magazine release and triggerguard. Anything that requires rivets or expensive machines is already done for you. The receiver comes with a ComBloc standard scope mount as an added bit of sweetness.

I opted to build up two of these AK rifles. One is as it would have been issued to a Warsaw Pact soldier in The other sports cutting-edge Magpul polymer furniture. PSA offers kits with a variety of furniture options, and the world is your oyster when it comes to forend rails, collapsible stocks and optics. Anybody with an Internet connection and a credit card can build up an AK rifle as unique as their own fingerprint.

The barreled receiver includes the top cover, gas tube, bolt and carrier, and complete receiver assembly. The build kit has your stock and forend furniture, recoil spring, pistol grip, mounting hardware and guts. By investing in a single barreled action, you could even accumulate the stuff to make your gun into several different platforms, all with a single serial numbered FFL transfer.

If you can work a screwdriver, you can mount the pistol grip, forend kit and buttstock. If you cannot operate a screwdriver, gently put the magazine down and sit alone in the corner so as not to break anything. Somebody should be along shortly to feed you. Alas, the flower of modern American engineering prowess has naturally schemed a solution to this thorny problem. This nifty contrivance is called a hammer and trigger pin retainer plate, and it is the coolest human invention since indoor plumbing and moon pies.

The hammer and trigger pin retainer plate excises all the pain out of an AK build. Just get everything oriented, snap the plate in place and secure it with the safety lever.A decade or so ago, were inexpensive and offered shooters a battle-proven rifle design that could take hellacious abuse and still keep shooting.

It helped that its ammo was inexpensive, too, and readily available. Back then, most U. Some were good while others were not. Eventually, as more guns came onto the market and we became better at understanding the pluses and minuses of AKs built in particular countries, we became less jaded and more appreciative of the AK design. But the fact is that the AK rifle market in the United States has always been in a constant state of flux. At one moment the market is flush with parts kits and complete builds while at other times the supply of AKs can quickly dry up.

In addition, the price of these AKs slowly inched its way out of the reach of the average shooter. Early inPSA showed off some prototypes of a U. People were impressed. It is not Russian nor Bulgarian nor even Chinese, but an amalgamation of all the good design traits of an AK made into one. The quality control PSA places on these rifles is rigorous. PSA takes about one and a half hours to assemble a rifle, not including range testing.

psak 47 gf3 problems

On AK builds, the company fires 15 to 20 rounds using brass- and steel-cased ammunition. The company wanted to ensure its AK would run smoothly and reliably.

This is just one of several metrics PSA looks at to ensure its AKs are running smoothly and reliably. Also, and this is a minor thing, the safety selector was precise and moved securely without scratching the receiver.

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On some AKs, the safety selector can be loose and scratch the receiver when actuated. The third thing was the price. We also wanted to make it as pristine as possible. This indigenous AK is made of U. The rear trunnion is similar to the Russian design with the curved radius on the back. It is cast and machined outside the U. It is slightly modified on the PSAK so it more easily accepts different types of furniture.

We all know that depending on the origin of an AK, aftermarket furniture may or may not work. PSA also uses the Bulgarian bolt design. These are the only two parts not manufactured in the U. PSA outsourced these two parts while ensuring quality, sourcing them from a Korean-American company and an Israeli company. The PSAK features a stamped carbon-steel receiver, 1mm thick and heat-treated. A mil-spec, double- hook trigger is used along with a standard magazine release.

A side mount allows a user to mount a scope. The The classic slanted muzzle brake is screwed onto the muzzle. A cleaning rod is also included. With Magpul furniture, the AK loses a bit of weight and becomes more of a contemporary carbine. A classic wood-stocked AK weighs close to 8 pounds while the Magpul Edition is lithe at 6. The shorter length of pull also means that if you train in full kit, the rifle is still comfortable to fire.

The fit and finish were superb. Kalinka Optics offers a variety of surplus and new Russian-built optics, and the PK VS red dot is just like the kind in use with Russian special operations forces. It features a 1-MOA red-dot reticle with eight brightness settings.Of all the parts in the rifle, the front trunnion is in the top three as far as high pressure exposure goes and as a process, casting is less consistent than forging. Though many Warsaw Pact nations did transition to cast parts including front sights and gas blocks over the lifespan of the AK, no military ever issued rifles with cast barrel trunnions.

With 7. Moreover, trunnion failures have been reported with the Inter Ordnance rifles. Fortunately, PSA appears to have either heard the criticism or more likely, had bigger plans from the outset. The Freedom AK builder series was introduced to satisfy the market for an easy, affordable way to build your own AK using the efficiencies of modern manufacturing and materials.

We are not stopping there. Premium models with forged components, to include front trunions, and hammer forged barrels, will be available as well as side and underfolder variants, for the buyer who sees cost as less of a concern.

We welcome input from the AK community, and want to hear from you as we expand the product line. Not only does PSA plan to bring forged trunnions to market, but they also have plans for cold hammer forged barrels, side folder, and under folder models. Hammer forged AK barrels would be a first as far as American made AKs go assuming the barrels will be US partsbut the folding variants are every bit as exciting.

If PSA can beat that price point, I think several enthusiasts will be impressed. Hopefully some of this comes to fruition very soon. Over the last five years, Nathan has written about a variety of firearms topics, including Second Amendment politics and gun and gear reviews. We've sent you email with a verification link. Please click on the link to activate your account.

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psak 47 gen 3 review

Create an account Be part of the International Sportsman community. Please fill all of the fields correctly before continuing. Activate Your Account.Posted by boksaman. Customer Reviews. TWS AK 9. The AK, officially known as the Avtomat Kalashnikova is a gas-operated, 7. Customer Complaints Summary. If so, perhaps you can help me. In Stock. Updated by mark 3 minutes ago. Buds Item Number: Overview of BBB Ratings.

Condition: Used Im getting one also reviews have been good cant really beat price :D Cheap, durable, easy to maintain in the field, I think about MOAs, and its 30 cal. The pivot lever for the magazine catch needs to be filed Palmetto State Armory offers everything you need to add the perfect new AK to your collection. Group size is best 4 of 5 shots measured center to center fired at meters over open sights from a simple rest using year-old eyeballs. Fit and finish so far seems good.

Outfitted with top-notch Magpul furniture, the PSAK is tricked out for 21st century shooters while still being very affordable. It might seem a little weird, but AKs are now manufactured in the US by a couple companies.

Velocity is the average of 3 shots fired across a Caldwell Ballistic Chronograph oriented 10 feet from the muzzle. The days of picking up a serviceable. Whether you are looking for a complete Palmetto State Armory PSAK rifle, or parts and accessories from the top brands, we have exactly what you need. USA —- Ammoland.

So I snagged one for 9. Prior to Gen2 models, the trunnion, a critical piece in an AK build, was made offshore.

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Rifle came with a Gen 1 Magpul Pmag. Shop PSA Today! The main difference in the PSAK is the hammer forged front trunnion, bolt, and carrier.

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I have no further plans to push the round count on this particular rifle. Nothing canted, etc.

psak 47 gf3 problems

After deciding on the AK platform, I had to choose which rifle to buy and from which manufacturer. These things have been really hard to get a hold of and for a very good reason. Many manufacturers have tried to skimp out on some of these parts with cast metal resulting in catastrophic failures. It will not lock into place. Thoroughly tested in development, we tortured tested to 10, rounds to ensure a quality product. When it came to getting both, however, AK aficionados were just straight out of luck—until recently, that is.

Effects of modifying the gonadotropin alpha-subunit on the generation of lutropin-toxin conjugates. KCI AR It wouldnt be an AK47 if it had any reliability issues. If I cant find good about them. Quick Overview free shipping Free Shipping applies to this item only and not the entire order.

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